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Talk to your dog now!

Sarama app is built to push the boundaries of how we talk, express and understand our dogs. Using cutting-edge tech, we look to deepen connections between dogs and us to make the world a more compassionate  place.

Get started on your first conversation. 

Our android version is in beta, please join our community for updates on the rollout. 

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Can Dogs speak a language?

We know talking dogs sounds far fetched (pun intended).

We also know that, at this stage, we are early so we are looking to meet the most obsessive dog people who are as interested as us in expanding what's possible with dog communication. 

Dogs have an expressive language that we can shape & learn from. With Sarama app, we can gain insight into their behavior, body poses day to day and automatically learn about them. We build tech that helps us observe our dogs closely and pick up on subtle cues that expand our understanding.

Our goal is to set up a world where dogs interact with our world in ways that surprise us as they become more expressive in their use of language.

It's only a few steps to start
a conversation with your dogs


AI Camera


Point your phone/ tablet camera at your pup when they act out using body language or barks. Our app will recognize your dog and infer what they could mean. All of the data is managed locally and remotely, focused on maintaining user privacy

Add Context


Swipe up a list of pre-set context that applies to your dog's behavior and save your video. e.g. if your dog barks looking at a ball, potentially they want to play fetch


Get smarter over time

Every time you capture an action or a bark, we learn from it and with time we will be able to predict what your dog is saying 

*Powered by Sarama Platform

Dogs Running

Let's expand rights for all life!

Dogs have been a part of our society for generations and have adapted themselves to understand us, our language and words. But we know very little about them and how they communicate.


Our mission at Sarama is to change how we relate to dogs by understanding deeper consciousness  and learn their behaviors to make a change towards democratizing the rights of our best companions. 

The success in research from dog buttons, whale vowels and other related efforts has strengthened the belief that animals in fact can communicate with us. We have spent two years researching and building the technology to further advance the research to build bi-directional communication with dogs.


As dog parents, your support will help this mission move forward. Use the app to explore what your dogs are potentially saying and help train our app to improve predictability

Join our movement to advance how we communicate with dogs

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